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5 Reasons Why Office Design is Important

Have you asked yourself why office design is important? If you have to work in a cramped, ugly office it can really cut productivity and drain those invaluable creative processes. Happily, it is easy to make an office environment attractive and professional so that the people who work there will feel the same. This will increase productivity and reduce the staff turnover rate. In this article we're going to take you throught 5 reasons why office design is important.

Comfort Comes First

Remember that comfort comes first. If you want yourself and your staff to be productive, you

can’t deny the importance of comfort. Make sure that the office space has sufficient ventilation. Having a window is perfect. However, if the office lacks a window, consider using plants for promoting airflow. Leaving the office open sometimes can help people escape that caged-in feeling. In addition, you have to pay a lot of attention to ergonomics and give it very high priority. Consider investing sufficiently in ergonomic office furniture and equipments.

Lighting is Essential

Good lighting happens to be among the most essential things if you wish to avoid eyestrain as you sit in front of a computer. A very important consideration here is the color. It is best to go for those passive and cool colors to decorate your office as they can promote tranquility as well as focus at the same time. Colors like light blue and fern green are great. The same goes for white as it can encourage effectiveness. These are all ideal colors for the office. Stay away from those warm and dark colors. Avoid colors like orange, red or magenta which can be turn very distracting and hard on human eyesight.


Aesthetics is also important. Although a great majority of professionals do not like admitting it, an office’s aesthetic appeal is important when it comes to determining the level of efficiency or satisfaction related to the job. It is a must that you have a decent office that you can be proud of. It pays off if you work to create a workspace which makes you get the feeling of a veteran executive, regardless of the position you currently hold. Wall colors and plants can add aesthetic value. The same goes for the special finish of the furniture as well as for the lighting and decorative window treatments. These play a crucial role in improving the aesthetic value of your office space. You are the only person who can really determine the ideal aesthetic direction for your workspace.


Efficiency is also crucial. If you need to get up from the seat to walk around the room, you will end up interrupting the work focus of all. And you don’t want to return to the desk with a totally blank mind as well as confused expression. There are some office items that you need to access on a regular basis. The bottom line is that you need to keep the essential items within your arm’s reach. Keep the printer handy. The same goes for the fax machine and the scanner. Keep the phone within your reach and you should be able to reach the file cabinet easily. There are many other typically utilized tools and documents that you can get easy access to. You need to go for a strategic placement of those items to make sure that an uninterrupted workflow and focus is maintained. You should save some of your valuable time this way.

Touch of Flare and Personality to your Office Space.

Every employee working in your office should feel like it is his or her own office. Let the employees have some freedom to personalize their office space by hanging their favorite photos or artworks that they find inspiring. The whole office should have an overall inviting hard working environment. You could do this through the incorporation of some exotic colors and great looking plants. No matter whether you are self-employed or employing people, you should have a comfortable office. This should contribute a lot to your overall success.

The user should always be considered first. Keep the walls neutral and have flooring that is not noisy to walk on. Hide that clutter with good storage and try to customize the workspaces. An informal area often helps people to relax and so work more quickly.

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