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Job Opportunity
Architectural Designer
Prepare detailed drawings of architectural and structural features of buildings; residential
and commercial, according to specifications provided by architect. Create graphical
representations of structures and landscapes. Draft architectural plans and create a wide
variety of technical documents including floor plans, elevations, sections, framing plans,
detail drawings, schedules and renderings for permit applications, presentations and
approvals. Construction control and supervision of residential commercial projects, making
documentation for building permitting at various locations throughout the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts. Duties include: Working in AutoCAD and Chief Architect to draft designs
and layout drawings, working on all phases of project development from schematic design
through contract administration, providing input to the design and construction schedule,
aiding in developing project documents for bidding and construction, developing and
coordinating drawings and specifications including features such as program compliance,
code and agency compliance, schedule commitments, product research, providing support
for any tasks required for the successful completion of the project, detailing construction
components and structural connections for projects, helping to assemble material per
specifications, reviewing of Construction Documents for permit submittal, performing
International Building Code review for commercial projects to be presented to Building
Departments throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Little domestic travel

Minimum Requirements include: Bachelor’s degree in architecture or related field or
equivalent; two years of experience in architectural drafting; valid driver’s license.

Work Location: Acropolis Design Consultants, Inc., 5 Brussels St., Building “A” Rear, Second Floor,
Worcester, MA 01610

Apply by mail at: Acropolis Design Consultants, Inc., 5 Brussels St., Building “A” Rear, Second
Floor, Worcester, MA 01610; or by email:
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